Engagement Season & When to Book



As many of you might have realized with all your friends’ Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos and the lot, we are in the midst of engagement season! The season generally runs from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day since an engagement ring is one of the best presents of all. The busiest time of that season is in January. Everyone is recovered from the holidays and excited to start the wedding planning process. We talk to tons of brides and grooms during this time trying to find the best package for them. We believe that no two couples are the same, so each conversation is different.


The beauty of having your wedding with Simple Tahoe Weddings, is that it is very, what’s the word???, SIMPLE! Especially if you are keeping it easy with just a small group of close friends and family, we have a great option for a beach ceremony and lunch or dinner at a nearby restaurant. Don’t be afraid to plan your wedding in only a few months as we have booked weddings as soon as 1 week out from their wedding day!


At Simple Tahoe Weddings, one of our most popular questions is ‘When do I need to send in my deposit?’ That is really up to you! We have no required amount of time or date you need to send in your deposit. Basically, send in your deposit with your paperwork as soon as you choose your date and location so that no one else can get that specific date at your desired location. We always suggest sooner rather than later so you get your first choice of time, especially those having their wedding on a weekend in June-September, as those are our busiest months. So once you get ready to start your planning adventure, please give us a call and we promise to make it as easy as possible!

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